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Transaction & e Banking

Transaction & eBanking

Globally organizations require effective planning, monitoring, and management of their liquid, and near liquid resources, including short term assets and liabilities, payments and acquisitions (collections). TO DO SO, treasurers are therefore provided appropriate accounts, liquidity, payments, and collections solutions.
The focus is primarily on the liability side of the financial institutions, or the lenders (banks) balance sheet, that facilitate sophisticated infrastructure for customer’s core transaction requirements.
Payments, Collections, Documentary Credits & related services¬† effectively support these core transaction requirements, thereby increasing the provider’s revenue, and profitability.
Cash Management, Liquidity Management, Trade Finance, Security services, Financial Institutions, and Treasury – these business functions may vary from institution to institution.
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Emmaculate possesses immense knowledge, in helping developed, as well as emerging markets, launch business products and solutions, that cater to the local dynamics, as well as cross border requirements.
Our experience of working with a spectrum of financial services, telecom , manufacturing, and the trading sector, is a glimpse of our understanding on the processes involved.
We have facilitated with both, off the shelf (vanilla processes), and customized solution implementations, exclusively geared to the desired target segments.
Our knowledge and work has been delivered for:
Innovative Products
Newer Revenue Segments
Straight Through Processing
Profit Maximization
Time & Cost Reduction
Audit & Accountability
Rich Customer Experience


A seasoned approach that we undertake to deliver:
Product Vision
Supply Side Architecture
Identify KPIs
Business Requirements
Re engineer, Innovate & Analyze
Demand Side Architecture
Implement & Train
Knowledge Management
Product LAUNCH
Support & Improve