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Investment Products

Investment Products

Extending existing investment products or creating newer products, to the extent of offering to overseas & short term investors, a comprehensive solutions to cater to creating liabilities in multiple currencies.
Maintain tenors will varying investment rates, further allowing a channel of business partners to operate within the eco system.
Profits accrued can be scheduled for local payments, to any beneficiary of choice.
The same securities may be pledged for advances, and are exchangeable based on a buyer/seller agreement.
Organizations like World Bank have been patronizing additional avenues for overseas expatriate investments, and therefore solutions have chalked out in a manner that they facilitate both the international as well as the local market.


Taking the clue for investment opportunities, Emmaculate has helped implement solutions on their product suite for both local and international markets.
Processes within the product are such that they can be integrated to existing financial applications for functions.
The solution covers customer details, beneficiary details, tenor management, instructions processing, collateral management, and extensive contract details, to cover maximum risk perspectives from contingency and maturity point of view.
With our heritage of being at the fore front of launching products for our customers, this has been a widely accepted initiative adopted by major international institutions.
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A seasoned approach that we undertake to deliver:
Product Vision
Supply Side Architecture
Identify KPIs
Business Requirements
Reengineer, Innovate & Analyze
Demand Side Architecture
Implement & Train
Knowledge Management
Product LAUNCH
Support & Improve