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Instrument Management & Processing

Instrument Management & Processing

Enabling Financial Services sector to offer their customer customized payment options within the instruments regime, or allowing organizations to process customized instruments based on the fundamentals of presentment and clearing as offered by financial organizations of their choice.
This offers organizations a marketing tool for additional information dissemination to payees, while honoring their commitments to pay.
Instruments may be printed, or relayed over electronic mediums, thereby allowing payee to present in person, or present them electronically for clearing at their respective custodian financial institutions.
Extending the clearing mechanism through self served branches of banks, or through a network of business partners, or agents who honor the payments to payees, depending on the arrangements sorted out with them.
The solution also caters to post dated instruments collections and vaulting, that activate at their respective dates for processing, and logical conclusion.
In a nutshell, instruments for payments become a tool or marketing, commitment, honoring in addition to inherent quality of a payment


Major financial institutions and organizations integrated with banks, have deployed the solution, thereby allowing payments originated through the supply chain activity, pension funds, charity disbursements, dividends, and human resource remuneration.
Advantages have been taken to raise brand equity, and endorse the payments to individuals or organizations, who do not wish to share their accounting details.
Processing transactions to account has been handled through self clearing, branch clearing or clearing through business partners.
Payees have a choice to record all information through processing either electronically or through the print medium.


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