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Field Force Management


Pharmaceuticals, FMCGs, Oil & Gas Marketing, Clothing, & Banks, have been a major focus.
Vision have varied from managing marketing expenses and promotional activities, seeking field force effectiveness. Optimize product availability, understand competitor situation, and be able to reorganize product positioning.
Tremendous cost savings through such monitoring and control, has helped organizations maximize ROI.
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Analyze collected intelligence to draw conclusions and make recommendations based on it
Develop a plan for seeking out Opportunities to demonstrate your function’s Strengths.
If Weaknesses are critical drawbacks to your function’s success, develop a plan for overcoming them.
Diagnose your competitive position and address potential Threats.
By correlating key activities with results, determine those factors that drive success and manage behavior to improve outcomes.
Effectively track and improve key sales activities using multiple KPIs rather then focusing solely on sales results.
Understanding your field force effectiveness, and plan to upgrade customer acquiring skills
Conduct qualitative analysis on the activities performed and translated sales.