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Workflows & Collaboration

Workflows & Collaboration

Bring improvement in your management & publishing processes by helping people work together and manage their tasks more effectively. Contributions of people with different skill sets, and responsibilities from across the organization, and across the globe, are merged together to interact as per their role within a process.
Such business automation is comprised of a series of logical steps or stages termed as hierarchy, that defines a business process. Each stage or step contains a task to be completed, and the participants that will perform the task. The task could be items such as a review assignment, an approval process, or a request to update a document. Some tasks within a workflow hierarchy, such as a simple email notification, an SMS to a mobile device, operational kick start or termination of a machine on a supply chain, functional feedback from a calculator, which require no participants.



Over years with a variety of engagements concluded, we have evolved the basic structure of the methodology. Intrinsic details are added to each depending on the vision of the organization. Remember that such engagements are driven by the top leadership, whose objective is to strive effectively for margins or public service.The lifecycle involves:
Human Centric
System Centric
Document Centric