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Portal Development

Portal Development

Portals are web based applications for information delivery, productivity, communication, collaboration, human capital, knowledge management, automating business processes, or work flows through interconnected applications and web services.
Portals further encapsulates Content Management depending on business requirements, for collecting, managing, and publishing the information and making it easily accessible to your employees, customers, suppliers, and agents or business partners.
Emmaculate has a stakeholder value-creation approach for portal development, which ensures that business results for each stakeholder only improve upon usage.


Ecosystem Creation: Better visibility into processes, stakeholders relationship optimization, relationship process management, real time intelligence on stakeholder expectations, enhanced controls, optimized information, reduced time to transactions.
Governance: Right Information to Right People, Stakeholder or Users, at the Right Time. Manage Product, Brand or Services lifecycle, over time. Breaking operational barriers and setting up controls on information & content. Change Management Soft ROI opportunities, though difficult to quantify, gains in employee productivity, retention and communication.
Improved Opportunity Management: Better stakeholders profiling and customer personalization, integration with delivery channels like contact center, efficient catalog management, cross and predictive selling, utilizing production, merchandising and marketing infrastructure, manage customer allegiance by intelligent retention programs.
Productivity Improvement: Physical attendance becomes inconsequential, Collaboration & Workflow, Process Integration and Automation, Efficient Knowledge Management, Easy Information Search, and Self Service. 24/7 Information Availability, Increased delivery channel for business intelligence and unified communications.
Information Convergence: Centralize Organizational Knowledge Capital (Information Silos), Improved employee retention, automated business processes, connectivity to line of business information, increased employee self serviceability, enhanced operational efficiency.
Cost Reduction: Lower ongoing management costs, staff redeployment, reduced internal and corporate communication costs, ease of application rollout, content publishing and distribution, training and production costs.
Additional Revenues: Improved speed to market, ease of launching new products and services, informed decision making, responsiveness to customer needs, intelligence at the speed of thought.


Portal Vision
Strategy & Focus
Role Wise User Experience
Design & Implementation
Deployment & Training
User Acceptance
Post Production Support
Governance & Improvement
Process Compliance & Change Management