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Business Process Outsourcing

Business Process Outsourcing

Organization’ Outsourcing to reduce costs, access to larger resource pools, have specialists focus on the business process, or functions, and leverage from specialist infrastructures, in the benefit of the organizations bottom line, and skill matrix.
Generally categorized under OffShore (Outside Country), OnShore (Same Country)  & NearShore (Neighboring Country)
BPO is a key driver of:
Reducing costs
Improving Service Levels & Quality
Innovation & Speed to Market
Increased Customer Satisfaction
Economies of scale
Businesses across the globe are looking to leverage an integrated solution approach and process standardization with the help of an able outsourcing partner to deliver critical value to customers.
Businesses are also engaged to govern, manage & monitor the entire process. The empowerment thus allows businesses to have equitable understanding of the advantages reaped from outsourcing of processes which become a cost burden, and redundant in an existing scenario. This drives focus towards innovation and focus into the actual business for their customers.


Emmaculate has experienced Chartered Accountants from the likes of PWC & KPMG, and Business Management personnel, that have helped large banks, accounting and consulting firms, medical institutions, outsource their processes, and at the same aided as team members to the same, to assist in streamlining the outsourcing of processes for their customers.
Data Entry
Data Conversion
Document Digitizing
Data Transcription
Search Engine Optimization
Internet Marketing
Call Centre/Customer Care
Direct Marketing Solutions
Cloud Services
Help Desk & Support Services
Invoice Presentment/Customer Billing
Payroll Processing
Supply Chain Payments
Book Keeping
Tax Preparations
Account Reconciliation
Medical Claims
Expense Management
International Payments Processing
Loan Originations


Identify Processes & Function
Understand Business Objectives
Agreement on KPIs
Conduct Transformation
SLA Governance
Corporate Communication
Continuous Improvement