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Application Migration

Application Migration

Increasingly organizations are moving applications to newer technological initiatives, in order to modernize their current IT asset base, or be prepared for future needs. They are taking the plunge, picking up a few mission-critical applications to move to the cloud, and quickly realizing that there are other applications that are also a good fit for the cloud.
It is true that some applications (IT Assets) deployed in the organizations’ portfolio, may not make business or technical sense to move them to the newer initiatives. Such assets can continue to exist within the business applications architecture, till such time, when the need becomes logical.
Emmaculate brings in a phased-driven approach to assess the real requirement for migration, plan the optimum route for the process, build necessary support within the organization, and implement or migrate with complete confidence.


Our experience extends into migrating:
Banking Applications
Telecom Applications
Operational Workflows
Supply Chain Processes
Human Resource Management Solutions