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Application Development (Bespoke)

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Tailored applications are a need in time by global businesses, to overcome ruthless competition met, with stringent budgets and aggressive timelines.
Companies can significantly reduce their costs, continuously improve the performance, stability and availability of their applications, accelerate deployments and free up existing staff to focus on strategic initiatives.
While change management from the perspective of a product has higher than anticipated costs, decision makers understand their organizational culture, and hence seek customized/bespoke solutions to minimize the cultural change that may impact their businesses.
Adopting path-breaking strategies and evolving best practices at convenience, is the way for enterprises to stay ahead of competition.


Emmaculate understands the imperatives of application development. Having years of experience, we as an application development partner, deliver benefits beyond cost advantages, partner to address your progressing business needs, and keeping abreast with technology challenges, by documenting, designing and building applications tailored to your business needs.
Our choice of platforms for development is a mutual agreement not with respect to expertise, but with a realization of long term management and administrative costs, thus enabling us to deliver high-impact, scalable solutions that align to your business vision and strategy.
Our focus of application development services include:
Application design, development, and implementation
Systems integration/consolidation
Re-Engineering, Performance Tuning and Porting Services
Product Customization & Implementations
Requirement Analysis & Product/Project Feasibility


Our approach to application development outsourcing is comprehensive, covering all aspects of the outsourcing relationship, and all phases of the application development and maintenance lifecycles.
Unique features of our approach include the following:
Governance Model (Client-Centric): Ensures that the client retains full control, initiatives are aligned with the client’s business goals, and cost, performance and results are carefully monitored
Service Level Agreements (SLA): Clearly defines expectations, measures performance and provides for desired outcomes
Processes & Tools: Provides for high productivity, high quality, ongoing evolution and client satisfaction
Global Delivery Model: Offers the best combination of onshore, nearshore and offshore delivery options to reduce costs and accelerate delivery, as well as locally accountable teams backed by global resources
Transition Process (BOT): Ensures the smooth transfer of responsibilities and resources, while preserving client control and providing transitioned staff with optimal working conditions and career growth opportunities